Initial Evaluation
The first step is to have a detailed phone conversation with each party to ensure that all involved are ready, willing and able to participate in the mediation process.

Scheduling and Logistics
Currently, mediation sessions are held either on Friday afternoons and/or Saturdays.

Mediation Statements
Statements are solicited from each party soliciting input on how he or she views the situation and what is being sought in terms of a potential solution. These statements are usually brief, not exceeding three pages.

Framing of Issues
Based on the Mediation Statements, the mediator sends an agenda to each party prior to the mediation session that sets forth an agenda, albeit flexible, for the mediation session(s).

Mediation Session(s)
Online mediation sessions are held on Google Meet. Parties are highly encouraged to have a high-speed Ethernet connection when joining the online mediation.

Memorandum of Understanding and/or Settlement Agreement
Based on the mediation session(s) the mediator issues a draft MOU or settlement agreement to the parties and works to refine language that both parties can ultimately accept.