Introduction and Overview

To appreciate the value of mediation it is helpful to consider the basic underpinnings of most disputes. Disputes typically arise when one, or multiple, party or parties approach a given situation from a relatively inflexible point of view. The roots of such entrenched thinking often relate to fundamental fear we have internalized around experiences earlier in life that we were, at the time, constitutionally incapable of adequately processing.

As the result of these underlying fears, we have formed static ideas as to how external phenomena need to manifest in order to preserve our internalized ideas of safety.

For many people, these internalized strategies have, over time, morphed into a sense of identity – a relatively static view of who one is. When the actions of another threaten this identity, defensive reactions are triggered. At this level, the body often enters “fight or flight” mode which serves to cut of access to the parts of the brain that are responsible for higher-level, executive functioning.

I view mediation as a multi-faceted approach to conflict resolution that acknowledges and addresses the complicated roots of conflict described above. In addition to have been a licensed attorney for more than twenty years, I am am experienced psychotherapist working both with individuals and couples. My work in these areas provides me with the ability to penetrate the superficial level of conflict and adequately address its fundamental roots in a way that can be potentially transformative for participants.